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looking for a word to describe you ¶ surrounded by white emptiness
looted with memories. ¶ remember the sun outside ¶ your shape: a shade ¶ an instant of life ¶ fading. ¶
from red to white. ¶ a silent gap echoes a moment ¶ never born ¶ already dead ¶ it comes and goes ¶ forever carrying you. ¶
short-lived ¶ you were taken back ¶ by a springlike wave ¶ to the momentary full bloom of life. ¶
your presence: a shooting star. ¶ time leaves the scene ¶ you’re gone, again ¶ missing in action. ¶ all ends come. ¶
your name passes over desire ¶ this search becomes eternal ¶ language vanishes lost in the labyrinth of your own being. ¶ exactly nowhere: ¶ you find your place. ¶ a warm breeze moves this page. ¶